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Zarkoperfume Purple Molécule 070.07 Eau de Parfum

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Born in the seventh month of summer, Purple Molecule 070.07 encapsulates the summer of the Nordic landscape in full bloom. A delicate yet sensual fragrance, it interacts with its wearer and creates the feeling of standing in a Nordic Garden the warm air and the scent of flowers that surround you. Zarko calls it Flora Danica.

Top Notes: Wild Flower Accord, White Orchids, Magnolias

Heart: Ripped out!

Base Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Molecules, Sandalwood, Silver Musk Accord

About the brand: Zarko's perfumes are 100% handmade in Denmark at their own lab. The perfumes are composed of the actual weight of molecules and how they affect each other versus cold, heat and especially the environment in which they are. The fragrances have a long life, develop constantly and contract. Each perfume also has different fragrances from person to person, as there are great differences in body temperatures and how the fragrance works with the body's own fragrance. Therefore, try out which one suit you best.