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Zarkoperfume Molécule 234.38 Eau de Parfum

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A love affair - more phenomenon than mere fragrance, MOLéCULE 234.38 is based on a single large molecule that interacts with your own pheromones.

The composition and weight of the molecule continuously adapt to body and ambient temperatures, which keeps the fragrance evolving throughout the ten-hour relationship.

The science behind this phenomenon involved fusing contradictory molecules that, when combined, adapt to you-your state of mind, physical condition and surroundings.

This deeply personal interaction has created an astonishing sensual fragrance that is as beautifully unique as you are.

A fragrance for men and women.

About the brand: Zarko's perfumes are 100% handmade in Denmark at their own lab. The perfumes are composed of the actual weight of molecules and how they affect each other versus cold, heat and especially the environment in which they are. The fragrances have a long life, develop constantly and contract. Each perfume also has different fragrances from person to person, as there are great differences in body temperatures and how the fragrance works with the body's own fragrance. Therefore, try out which one suit you best.