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Penhaligon's The Revenge of Lady Blanche Eau de Parfum

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With each of the fragrances in its Portraits collection, Penhaligon’s tells the tale of an aristocratic figure and their eccentric ways. Lady Blanche – the dangerously charming subject of the Revenge of Lady Blanche eau de parfum – boasts a beguiling beauty that’s encapsulated by this fragrance; expect notes of hyacinth and daffodil that lure in those around you before the bite of ginger flower and the warmth of sandalwood capture them completely.

"The dangerously charming Lady Blanche wields her beauty like a weapon. The victim? Her poor oblivious husband. Fresh yet spicy. Floral and woody. Golly! This eau de parfum is criminally good," - Penhaligon's. 

Top note: powdery orris

Heart: narcissus flower

Base note: hyacinth