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Ahmed Al Maghribi

Musk and Roses by Ahmed Al Maghribi eau de Parfum

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Musk and Roses eau de parfum by Ahmed al maghribi

It opens with an assortment of fruity notes such as, uplifting crisp green apple, mouthwatering watermelon which brightens the mood, and sweet raspberries that indulge the senses. A soft breath of peony catches your attention as it playfully mingles with the fruity accords. The combination is breathtaking and intoxicating.

The heart of this fragrance has the creamy accord of coconut, which takes us to exotic and tropic beaches with white sand, and palms leaning above and reflecting in blue water where this magnificent fruit grows. As you allow yourself to indulge in this heavenly aroma, you notice a sweet, full bodied rose, beginning to bloom as it warms up on your skin. The rose is the star of this fragrance and delightfully appears throughout your entire experience.

There is a soft woody nuance in the base that creates a gorgeous dry down. Cedar stands out and gives vibration to this fragrance, while the sandalwood is creamy, as well as earthy, rich and exotic. Together these notes create depth and sensuality. You will also notice oud that has been quietly hiding behind the other notes, and softly whispering to let you know it’s there. The creamy musk note makes itself known as it dances playfully with the rose, who’s petals are soft and velvety. Together they create such a beautiful and feminine fragrance making MUSK & ROSES hard to resist.

Very refined, energizing and uplifting.

 Fragrance Notes:

TOP NOTES: Watermelon, green apple, peony, rasberry

HEART NOTES: Coconut, Rose

BASE NOTES: Sandal Oud, Cedar Oud, White Musk