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Kiss Of Aroma Perfumes & Fragrances

Kiss of Aroma Discover Set 1, 5 x 5ml

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This luxury discovery set consists of five scents:

Cardinal by Heeley. The coolness of the temple, the altar, the priest, the sermon, but in this coolness one feels something otherworldly, ghostly and elusive.

Rose 31 by Le Labo.  The fragrance is a mystery, a wild fanged animal in the form of a harmless kitten.  Red rose, spices, cumin.

Chergui by Serge Lutens - fragrance for men and women, belongs to the group of oriental spicy fragrances. The fragrance was launched in 2005. A magical, chic and expressive fragrance that includes notes of tobacco, honey, iris, sandalwood, incense, rose, hay, amber and musk. The scent is different for women and men. This is one of the best winter perfumes, but it can also be used in the summer evenings.

Memoir by Amouage for Woman is the quintessence of mysticism: dry herbs in the rain and withered flowers on cemetery granite, tart liquor from a metal flask, burnt leaves and smoke from Orthodox incense.

Purple Patchouli by Tom Ford. A note of patchouli can create the effect of a musty room, damp walls, a damp cellar. The same thing happened with Tom Ford Purple Patchouli perfume: it was hardly conceived as an association with a medieval castle where ghosts feast, but it turned out differently.

Feminine and irresistible, these expertly hand-picked fragrances are ideal for crisp autumn days and nights.

This product comes in a Kiss of Aroma box containing 5 samples x 5ml each.