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MONTALE Mukhalat Eau de Parfum

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When Pierre Montale returned to Paris from Saudi Arabia, where he had been creating perfumes for the royal family, he decided to introduce the Western world to the wonderful scents of the East, launching Montale in 2003. From the French house's fruit-based collection, Mukhallat eau de parfum creates a sweet harmony between almonds and wild strawberries. Peruvian balsam and Madagascan vanilla add to its heady aroma, while white musk rounds it off to perfection. Designed to protect the essence it encases, and to contribute to its overall development, the bottle has been specially made in aluminium.

  • Montale Mukhallat eau de parfum
  • Top notes: wild strawberries, almonds,
  • Heart notes: balsam, vanilla
  • Base notes: white musk