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Vilhelm Parfumerie

Peony Couture by Vilhelm Parfumerie Eau de Parfum

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Exclusive at Kiss of Aroma, this exclusive Peony Couture eau de parfum from Vilhelm Parfumerie is Jan Vilhelm's ode to the flamboyant flower.

The first peony appeared in late April 2008. In the middle of a bouquet of roses Jan Vilhelm had ordered, it stood tall, spreading its petals with the opulence of a couture gown. After that, it arose almost everywhere he went: on the ceiling of the lift at Liberty, on the inside of a bag, nestled within a shoe; and once – most memorably – standing alone, without any support, in the middle of the road at our iconic department store entrance. Look out for this extraordinary peony, detectable with whiff of black pepper and aniseed which unfurls into an unmistakable bouquet of Turkish roses and the beloved powder pink bloom.