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Kiss Of Aroma Perfumes & Fragrances

Kiss of Aroma Discover Set 2, 5 x 5ml

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This luxury discovery set consists of five scents:

Datura Noir by Serge Lutens is named after datura, the "Devil's herb", a poisonous flower widely used in occult and medical practices (the Aztecs generally treated everything with it - from asthma to insomnia, although sometimes they died from it). Lutensian fragrance inherits its inspirer - it is an almost suffocating, narcotic smell of tuberoses, balanced by poisonous almond bitterness.

Noir de Noir by Tom Ford - 
Ford wears black clothes, invents black clothes, produces cosmetics in black packages, and likes to insert the words Black and Noir into the names of his perfumes. Noir de Noir smells like a bitter and rotten rose that has suddenly grown in all its glory in a damp mossy forest. By the way, Noir de Noir - black from black - should not be confused with the Noir line: it is completely different.

Black Phantom by Kilian is perfect for pirates and pirates who pecked at the cursed gold of Cortez.  Rum, coffee, chocolate - ship holds full of treasures.  Calls at the port, where there will be slutty girls.  And a compass that points the way to what is desired more than anything else.

Jubilation XXV for Women Amouage is an oriental floral fragrance for women, launched in 2008. Top notes are ylang-ylang, tarragon, rose and lemon; heart notes - labdanum, incense, artemisia, rose; base notes - amber, patchouli, vetiver, myrrh, musk. The fragrance is sensual, intriguing, fabulous.

La Liturgie des Heures by Jovoy Parisis a Amber Woody fragrance for women and men. La Liturgie des Heures was launched in 2011. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Flori. Top notes are Cypress and Green Notes; middle notes are Incense, Olibanum, Myrhh and French labdanum; base note is Musk.

If these fragrances seem too unusual and perhaps unsettlingly mystical to you, then try on fragrances with incense, in which it sounds behind a veil of flowers and other woody shades, but some of them are preferred by confident and courageous women. In any case, the fragrances with the presence of incense shades are chic, mystical, alluring, with some peppercorns.

Feminine and irresistible, these expertly hand-picked fragrances are ideal for crisp autumn days and nights.

This product comes in a Kiss of Aroma box containing 5 samples x 5ml each.