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Kiss Of Aroma Perfumes & Fragrances

Kiss of Aroma Discover Set 3

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This luxury discovery set consists of five scents: 

M.Mink Byredo -It would perfectly fit the demonic count from the movie "Nosferatu": this vampire could be easily recognized by the smell. Antique book binding, damp earth, antique wooden furniture, stale air of a huge castle that people left...

The composition with a telling title (“Road to Hell”) L Artisan Parfumeur Passage d Enfer can shock an unprepared perfume lover. Immediately there are associations with the funeral mass that has just ended, where a bouquet of lilies was placed on a wooden coffin and all this was generously fumigated with incense. Dark, gothic and very solemn.

 Like This by Etat Libre d'Orange. A very pleasant aroma - as if you are running home from the cold, and there is a cozy kitchenette and a warm fragrant pumpkin pie, mmmmm ....

BYREDO Gypsy Water Eau De Parfum
Changeable, subtle, but seductive and attractive - this fragrance from the perfume house BYREDO conceals chords of lemon, juniper, pine needles and incense framed by vanilla, amber, and therefore is perfect for the image of the God of deceit and cunning. At first, it seems deceptively elusive and airy, but, gaining strength and volume of sound, it is able to surprise with the breadth of the plume, like distant peals of thunder before a thunderstorm. By choosing this perfume masterpiece, you will definitely be able to recreate a role full of intrigue and sexuality.

Like everything ingenious, the composition is simple - 100_ only Ambrosan, only sex. However, when applied to the body, this ingredient can do real magic: thanks to the chemistry of the fragrance and your skin, something incredible and individual is born. However, apply on yourself and check for yourself!

This product comes in a Kiss of Aroma box.