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Vilhelm Parfumerie

Smoke Show by Vilhelm Parfumerie Eau de Parfum

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Exclusive to Kiss of Aroma, Vilhelm Parfumerie's Smoke Show eau de parfum has jazz at its soul; an ode to the genre that broke boundaries and hearts.

Another arresting tale from Jan Vilhelm's library of scent, Smoke Show sets a scene of vibrant spotlights in a smoky room, the brassy notes of a saxophone permeating the haze. This evocative cocktail brings the energetic soul of a musical genre alive – lead by a duet of leather and rose, and underscored by bass notes of agarwood, vetiver and saffron.

“Being a jazz fan, you could imagine what the Harlem Renaissance represents in terms of music – all those big names in a whiskey filled, leathery environment.” – Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren, Vilhelm Parfumerie founder