The Story

Like every perfume we love, Kiss Of Aroma also has a story.
Kiss Of Aroma's hand-picked collection of niche and selective perfumes started in our childhood when, still little girls growing up in different countries, we discovered our mums' perfumes. The beautiful shiny bottles captivated us, and we couldn’t resist opening and trying them. They smelled a lot, strong, spicy … divine! Intoxicated by the sweet but firm, confident scents our mums, the strong and independent women, opted for, we felt like we were turned from the little girls into stunning goddesses in a blink of an eye. Those memories can change colour but they never are erased … After years of working with perfumes we are still in awe at how many emotions, expectations, and how much sadness and nostalgia one spray of perfume can contain. It is an exhilarating cocktail that you must hear to understand, it often cannot be wrapped in words. We'd get lost in these shiny bottles for hours, dreaming of the women we'd become one day.
Over the years of coming of age, our newly found love for perfumes developed into a passion for unforgettable scents that steal your heart once and forever. We were hungry to discover new, perky, unusual fragrances that had the ability either to tame your soul or to blow your mind. Relentless hunters, we could never get enough of this mystical world, and over time we accumulated a wide collection of perfumes and fragrances. Our hand-picked collection reflects who we are, our values, our upbringing and our love stories, our immersive experience of living in different cultures and frankly our different personalities and the opposite tastes.
One of us favours grown-up, confidence-oozing, womanly scents and is happy to flirt with bold, rich, generous, risky and experimental heart-stopping fragrances. Another one of us is a conservative fruity-flowery but not too flowery type, always chasing butterflies and perfection with some rebellious notes of imperfection. Both of us will drown in Italian neroli notes to emerge somewhere in Portofino or Amalfi Coast at any time. Within Kiss Of Aroma, we complement each other perfectly.
Our goal is to share our love for perfume with you and share our knowledge. Finding your perfect scents is a journey of self-discovery, it is incredibly exciting! The world of olfactory art combines traditions and innovation, it evolves all the time, and it is an interesting Epoque we live in.

Lots of Love and a sweet kiss,
Kiss Of Aroma Girls