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The Magic Of Niche Perfumes

Why choose niche perfume?

The way you smell is a key element of your style and finding a scent you fall in love with can be a journey of a lifetime. Yes, finding love is never easy, but it is worth it. Our relationships with fragrances can be as complex they are with people. Different fragrances open up and bloom differently on different people, and once bonded with, they are loyal and faithful. You can outgrow them and go separate ways in search of new love, or you can stick with them forever. There is plenty of drama, memories, hesitations, love, and hate.

When you choose your perfect scent or a collection of them, choose from the best, not-on-the-high-street fragrances. They are unique perfumes produced on a small scale using artisan methods, the highest industry standards and natural ingredients. They are called niche perfumes. A niche perfume is different from a designer scent because of its pyramid. In essence, designer fragrances are mass-appealing and crowd-pleasers. Niche scents tend to be more artistic and extravagant. Unlike designer perfumes which are widely available, niche perfumes are sold in limited quantities through company stores or a handful of representatives. Niche perfumes can be slightly more expensive because they are made of top ingredients, often hand-blended in-house by the best perfumers in the industry.    

Every niche perfume comes with a story, inspired by a place, a memory, an event, an emotion, a work of art, or anything that excites creative mind of the artist, the highly trained artisan perfumer, and expresses their varied feelings in a unique combination of flowery, woody, leathery, fruity, etc notes. There is something exclusive about owning a niche perfume, the piece of olfactory art that caters to a refined minority rather than a majority like most designer perfumes.  

Niche perfumes combine traditions and innovation and provide a deep sensory experience. The world of niche perfumes is a luxury journey rather than destination and embarking on it, you are guaranteed to learn something new about yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised by how daring and brave you can feel, and that on the other side of a romantic Turgenev’s lady always favouring conservative flowery notes of A la Rose by Maison Francis Kurkdjian you can find a rebel boldly wearing London Funk by Vilhelm Parfumerie, or the other way around.    

A principle exercised with great pride within the niche perfume industry is enticing unique, personal, heart-stopping, surprising scents created with love and passion rather than marketing efforts to earn an artisan perfumer their customers. Niche perfumes are the avant-garde of perfumery! Most often the creator seeks not revenue but an artistic expression when composing their niche fragrances. Not every perfume lover may resonate with its notes, but true connoisseurs will appreciate the craft and the uniqueness of the end result. As it happens, these niche perfumers are almost always the best of its kind on the market.

A niche perfume will always have unique features and top ingredients, and it’s these exclusive fragrances that will make you stand out from the crowd. But niche perfumes are also desirable and pricey. How to make sure you find the scent that suits your style, your purpose, your heart and your soul best? 

In Kiss Of Aroma, we offer a wide range of perfumes and fragrances from the best perfumeries in the world. The best thing about the way we work is that you can try as many scents as you wish at affordable price. We offer testers, small quantities, surprise boxes and full bottles, making the luxury of olfactory art accessible to all. All our orders are packed and shipped with love. We are always happy to listen and give advice to help you find your perfect scent.    

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