Perfume decants: 5 reasons why they are the best way to buy luxury fragrances

Perfume decants: 5 reasons why they are the best way to buy luxury fragrances

Perfume lovers will agree that our sense of smell has the incredible power to transport us to different times and places. Every precious memory we have is often linked to a particular scent that can help us to relive happy moments even many years later.
It’s a perfume lover’s dream to have a collection of luxury fragrances for every mood and occasion. If only each bottle didn’t cost a small fortune!
This is the problem we in Kiss of Aroma London understand better than anyone else. Our company started with a lifelong passion and an exquisite perfume collection that needed to be shared. We strongly believe that trying out niche fragrances and learning how they open up on your skin shouldn't be limited by your income or geographical location.
That's where perfume decants come to the rescue. There is more than one reason to choose them.

1. Perfume decants are affordable

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Traditional full-sized bottles of perfume can be quite expensive, and not everyone can afford to invest in multiple bottles for different occasions.
Decants, on the other hand, allow you to try a variety of fragrances without breaking the bank.
You can get a smaller portion of your favourite scent at a fraction of the cost of a full-sized bottle.
This way, you can experiment with different fragrances and discover your signature scent without the hefty price tag.

2. Perfume decants: be your own perfume stylist

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Whether you need a light, floral scent for daytime or a bold, sultry fragrance for a special evening out, decants provide the flexibility to curate your personal perfume wardrobe.
Perfume decants open up a world of fragrance possibilities. Instead of committing to one scent for an extended period, you can enjoy a diverse collection of fragrances to suit your ever-changing moods and occasions.
You can also switch things up seasonally, embracing lighter scents in the spring and summer and richer, more complex fragrances in the fall and winter.

3. Perfume decants minimise waste

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Perfume can deteriorate over time due to exposure to air and light, making the fragrance less potent or even changing the scent completely.
With perfume decants, you can minimise waste by only buying what you'll use within a reasonable timeframe.
This ensures that your fragrances remain fresh and vibrant, enhancing your overall olfactory experience.

4. Perfume decants are a perfect travel companion

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Glass bottles are prone to breaking, and the size and weight of perfume bottles can eat up valuable luggage space.
Perfume decants come in compact and travel-friendly bottles so that you can take your favourite fragrances with you wherever you go and always smell your best, whether you're on a business trip or a romantic getaway.

5. Perfume decants allow you to try a scent before you commit to the whole bottle

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Purchasing a full-sized bottle of niche perfume is a significant financial commitment.
Every perfume lover knows that a fragrance may open up differently on different person, and the scent that made you purchase it in store can feel disappointing at home
With decants, you can sample a fragrance over an extended period to determine if it truly suits you.
This is particularly useful when considering niche or luxury fragrances that may not be readily available for sampling in stores.
By trying before you commit, you can make a better perfume choice.

Perfume decants are the best way to spice up your olfactory journey.

In Kiss of Aroma London, we offer a wide variety of niche and selective fragrances and strive to deliver the best experience to our customers. Need help finding your perfect scent? Don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can.

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